Plane E-12НК, weight 98 - 110 kg, the motor is 26-36 HP.  Price 7500 - $9900.

The price of kit-set of airframe 90% ready = $4900. Airframe kit 100% ready=$5500

We are located in Russia. We deliver our product around the world.


 It is the most mobile plane. Record mobility! On the flight taking him by car from the outer boot and a tow bar.

In the flight state is going in less than an hour. Control plane - classic. Flying start pilots without qualification.

One of the lightest in the world! Weight design along with a motor less 105кг.

This version of the aircraft -

E-12НК produced from 2012.

The wing is easily folded into a narrow package with a length of 3.6 m and fits on the outer trunk of a passenger car.

20 minutes is required for the Assembly of one plane to the field conditions.

Preparation of aircraft for flight is less than an hour.

  Today built and delivered to the customer 36 aircraft and its sets.

 Wing E-12НК has a one-sided covering of Dacron.

 Тhe bottom cladding has an area of 25% from the top.

 The wing area of 10.5 sq. m.

 Wingspan is 7.2 m,

 Max. take-off weight of 200kg.

With the motor is 27 HP (RMZ-250, Simonini-2) can fly pilot weight up to 85kg. For pilots weighing up to 110kg required motors 29-36 HP ( Polini Thor 250, RMZ-500 ).

The rate of climb of more than 2m/sec.

The speed break and landing - 48km/h, the minimum- 42 km/h.

Cruising speed - 70-75km/h.

A maximum of 85km/h. The maximum speed of the driving - 90km/h.

The run – 30-50 meters.

The variant with the Russian motor RMZ-250 ( parts from Rotax ):
With the low-power unit RMZ-250 offer the option of reduction of 2.65 and a propeller of 1.36-1.5m. This version of the engine allows the pilot to fly a weight of up to 90кг. Price of plane=7500 $.
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